A Woman in Harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing.

She goes where she will without pretense…

and arrives at her Destination,

prepared to be Herself and only Herself.

~Maya Angelou


About Us

At Sisterhood Yoga, our mission is to offer specialized yoga, dance and fitness classes that focus on strengthening and empowering the body and mind. These classes are not strictly for women; however, most of the classes currently taught are women-specific. We want to support and build up our sisters – be they students, family, life-long friends and/or new acquaintances. At Sisterhood Yoga, the focus is on providing women, adolescent to mature, with strength, recovery and fearless empowerment!

Kandee Khodl, RYT


Kandee has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. Her education includes an M.A. in Physical Education and Yoga Training including: RYT 200, Prenatal, Postnatal Mommy & Me, and Tots Yoga. In her former life (pre-littles), she started her own high school yoga and dance programs as well as coached state-championship cross country teams. Since then, she’s welcomed two beautiful littles into her life and spends her time following, laughing and learning with them every day. As a student and teacher she has sought out more and more opportunities and experiences to learn and grow. ​Her passions have changed with the birth of each precious family addition. From vinyasa flow to a more mother-centered prenatal and postnatal practice, she reaches out to all women. She has since expanded her teaching into Babywearing Dance classes, creating a safe, sacred and soulful dance experience for you and your baby. ​In her everyday search to find, create and share a “Village” community for all women, she started Sisterhood Yoga. It is here that she hopes to give all “sisters” an opportunity to share, support, learn, love and empower each other.

Anna Jantsch

Lead Tots Yoga Instructor

My name is Anna Jantsch and I have the privilege of being a tots yoga teacher. I came to yoga when I moved from my childhood home and into Colorado Springs on my own. Yoga helped me find community and showed me how wonderful it was to move and stretch. Along with yoga my favorite pastimes are cuddling with my dog, baking and knitting whenever my fiancé and I aren’t going a little crazy from planning our wedding in September. I love working with kids I think they hold so much for me to learn from and grow from. I love the stories they share and the joy they bring. I have been coaching gymnastics to kids all of all ages for the past 6 years. Toddlers are one of my favorite age groups to work with since they soak up everything like a sponge. I love their willingness to learn. Tots yoga is the perfect combination of fun and movement that is the most fun I have ever had working. We sings songs, play games, run, roll, and preform yoga at its best.

Matthew Nicholson

Assistant Tots Yoga Instructor

Katie Rachanow

Prenatal/Mommy & Me Postnatal Instructor

Katie teaches classes around the Colorado Springs area in Prenatal, Yogic Birth Preparation classes, Yogic Birth Couples classes, Postnatal, Mom and Me. She also offers Doula services and is a certified instructor for Evidence Based Birth®.

Allie Gahan

Mommy & Me Postnatal Instructor

Allie teaches classes around the Monument/Colorado Springs area. She is a regular in our Mommy & Me Postnatal classes and Tots Yoga along with her precious toddler. Allie comes to us fresh from Ireland, and is enjoying settling back into Colorado life!

Bethany Fischer

Babywearing Dance Instructor

Bethany is a regular at our Babywearing Dance classes but many people don’t know that this mama has an extensive background in dance. She brings into her teaching an addicting enthusiasm, great sequences and an experienced eye for dance detail.

Juli McDaniel

Babywearing Dance Instructor

Juli, a former Zumba instructor, is a regular at our Babywearing Dance classes. With her background in dance and fitness, she definitely adds that rich and sexy Columbian flair to her dances.

My little man and I had a blast at the Babywearing dance class! It is a great workout as well as being great for bonding with the little one. I have no dance background and Kandee made the class very beginner friendly with step by step instructions. I can’t wait to go to the next class!

Katie Vance Dawkins

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